kas ekimi haber
Wednesday - April 25, 2018

“Economic gardening helps establish an entrepreneurial culture within communities and sets itself apart from other economic-development strategies by its target audience, tools and timing of services.”

-- Mark Lange, executive director, Edward Lowe Foundation

Sensors Cluster

tile-sensorsDescription - The sensors and instrumentation heritage traces its origins to NASA Langley Center’s large propensity for broad research in this area.  Applications in engineering, software development, services, etc., span the diversity of automation at the ports to environmental monitoring to continued support to NASA’s space and commercial flight research to specialized military applications including logistics, unmanned systems and security.  Specialized sensor technologies are resident in piezoelectrics, electro-optics, imaging, and automation and robotics.

Regional Assets

  • Department of Energy’s Jefferson Lab
  • Headquarters of largest pure sensor company in the world
  • Largest Navy Installation in the world
  • Major system integrator contractors to U.S. government
  • NASA Langley Research Center
  • Operational activities of all military services including NATO and DHS
  • Port of Virginia
  • Seven major research colleges and universities
  • Virginia Institute of Marine Science

Business Opportunities

  • Security applications
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Support to federal research
  • Remote monitoring and asset management
  • Electronics, materials and fabrication suppliers to sensor manufacturers
  • Instrumentation and calibration services

Example Company Profiles